• Benefits


    Off Balance Financing

    When using operational car leasing, your balance sheet will remain clear of assets, which results in better ratios of solvability and liquidity. In other words, by financing “off balance”, you can invest or loan more in favor of your core business.


    100% financing

    There is no need to rely on the financial means of the business in order to get the car in use. Also, reserving “additional securities” is not necessary. The car itself is the security.



    When leasing a car, the contract period and the agreed leasing fee are fixed. This makes it possible for you to accurately determine budgets.


  • Full operational car lease


    These are the main characteristics of

    Full Operational Car Lease:

    No concerns for maintenance and management

    This is the most common form of commercial car leasing. Its advantage is that all car costs can be budgeted beforehand, and all concerns regarding maintenance and management are being taken care of for you. Besides that, the liquidity of your company is not compromised in this form of leasing


    You determine the vehicle brand and model, which will be provided by an official dealership on Curacao


    The car will be purchased by Car Lease Caribbean and will therefore not be stated on your balance sheet.


    The license plate holder will be Car Lease Caribbean.


    Your financial means remain available for the operation of your business.


    All operational matters will be taken care of by Car Lease Caribbean: insurance, technical inspection, maintenance, repairs, claims settlement, replacement transportation, assistance services, etc.


    The residual value risk at the end of the contract term rests fully with Car Lease Caribbean.


    You do not have to arrange or administrate anything.


    You will only have to take care of one fixed monthly fee.

  • Short term car lease

     Short commitment to a car lease contract Shortlease is a form of car leasing that has a short-term duration. Your organization will be committed to a lease contract for only a short period of time, usually of between 2 and 12 months with a notice period of 1 month. If your organization is temporarily in need of more cars, for example because you enlisted new or temporary employees, short term car lease might just be the solution you are looking for. The shortlease contract can be converted into a regular lease contract, in which case a set-off will take place with the shortlease payments you made previously. Also, the contract can be renewed mid-term.
  • Used car lease


    A good choice for both shorter and longer lease terms

    Our leasing cars are in excellent maintenance condition. Sometimes, a car is returned to us ahead of time. The majority of these cars is still perfectly usable for lease during a shorter or longer period, the so-called used car lease. We can also provide you with a quotation made to measure in case you are interested in a relatively new used car at a dealership or garage.

  • Financial lease


    There is no need to call on the company's financial resources to get the car into use. The so-called "additional securities" also do not have to be reserved. The car itself is the certainty.

  • Tax aspects


    The total lease price, including OB, is tax deductible. Of course, this only applies if you lease commercially. You therefore do not have to split up and account for costs, such as interest – maintenance – depreciation. In fact, the tax authorities in Curaçao contribute to your mobility.

    If you do not keep mileage records, you must annually add 15% of the list price of the car, stated on the cover page of the lease contract, to your income.

    The income tax taxes this 15% surcharge in proportion to your percentage of income tax. So you end up paying a part of this 15% of the list price!

    If you keep a mileage registration that shows that the car is only used for business purposes, the 15% surcharge on your income expires.

  • Driver information



    Maintenance and repair works will only be carried out by the brand dealership in Curacao, unless the lessor indicates otherwise. The instruction to repair or maintain will exclusively be given by the lessor. Unauthorized maintenance and repair works will not be reimbursed by Car Lease Caribbean.



    In case of damage, without exception, you must contact

    Curacao Road Service phone # 1-9-9, also in case of unilateral damage case, such as hitting a pole or a fence. Damage cases that are not reported will not be processed by insurers, or, if so, only after a costly and time-consuming reconstruction.


    Mechanical breakdown

    As a lessee of Car Lease Caribbean you will be subscribed to 24/7 HELP on Curacao. In case of breakdown, contact phone # 9-24-7 for immediate assistance. The costs generated because of self inflicted breakdown, such as an empty fuel tank or a flat tire, will be passed on to you by the lessor at a later time.


    • For all operational matters, contact Jan Rijnsburger

    • For all financial matters, contact Willem-Baan Rijnsburger


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