Driver information


Maintenance and repair works will only be carried out by the brand dealership in Curacao, unless the lessor indicates otherwise. The instruction to repair or maintain will exclusively be given by the lessor. Unauthorized maintenance and repair works will not be reimbursed by Car Lease Caribbean.



In case of damage, without exception, you must contact

Curacao Road Service phone # 1-9-9, also in case of unilateral damage case, such as hitting a pole or a fence. Damage cases that are not reported will not be processed by insurers, or, if so, only after a costly and time-consuming reconstruction.


Mechanical breakdown

As a lessee of Car Lease Caribbean you will be subscribed to 24/7 HELP on Curacao. In case of breakdown, contact phone # 9-24-7 for immediate assistance. The costs generated because of self inflicted breakdown, such as an empty fuel tank or a flat tire, will be passed on to you by the lessor at a later time.


  • For all operational matters, contact Jan Rijnsburger
  • For all financial matters, contact Willem-Baan Rijnsburger

Please make sure to carefully read the terms of the insurance policy and the lease contract.

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